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Amazing Tips how to be happy Alone

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Amazing Tips how to be happy Alone

One of the hardest things for people for being happy alone is to move forward with solitude. The notion of being alone scares a lot of people, and it can definitely be tough. If you find yourself dealing with anxiety or perhaps are just scared of going through some of life’s ups and downs by yourself, there are some things that you can do to overcome. It all starts with understanding that you can learn how to be happy alone, if you apply yourself. If your goal is to master happiness, then you can easily do so by focusing on the following tips.

Being Happy Alone, define Happiness

Think about this for a moment. What is the one thing that makes you happy? Don’t hold back. Realize what you want out of life and see what truly makes you smile, and what is going to make you happy. There are so many different things that make you smile, but really, happiness is far deeper than just a fleeting smile. Once you know this, you’ll be able to chase it a bit easier. If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry, just give it some time.

Change Something Major

The best thing that you can do to jumpstart the process of learning how to be happy alone is to change something major about your life. Whether it’s your style, your hair, or it’s something within your home, find something big and change it. You may find that you can definitely feel great by pushing this element forward. Change something as simple as your furnishings, your bed spread, or perhaps get rid of things you don’t use or want any longer.

Show Yourself Some Love

Take on something new. Seriously, take yourself and make it priority. What does this include? Well, you could learn something new. Learn to ballroom dance, take an art class, find a league to join, and just put yourself out there. Why is this good? It shows you new things, it makes you social, it enhances what you are interested in and will pay off dividends down the line. Show yourself some true love, learn something new, and just experience life as a whole.

Exercise Often

Your body is the only one you get. Take care of it. Eat right, and sprinkle in some exercise. Find something that you love to do and do it as much as possible. Some people love riding a bicycle, some like skateboarding, others like to hike, some people enjoy baseball, and then there are those that love jumping rope. Whatever it is that you love to do, do it, and make sure that you put your body into motion as it will give you a boost in mood, help with weight management, and more.

Read Hard Books

happy man reading booksInstead of going towards easy to ready fiction, test the limits of your mind by learning new things. Investigate subjects that you normally wouldn’t, learn something new about life, love, science, and more. The more you educate yourself, the broader your range of communication will become. Imagine opening up conversations with the latest in science developments, you’ll truly become the life of any party.


Focusing On EFT Locations For Better Energy Solutions

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There are a lot of different ways to combat anxiety, and stress. When you seek out natural elements, you’ll find that many are going forward with what is known as EFT. This stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a solution that focuses on the reflexology points that you may find with acupuncture and pressure. These ancient elements are used with healing the body and mind, but in the case of EFT, you’ll find that you can use the tips of your finger to release powerful natural solutions.

What EFT Does

There are several benefits that come with this solution. When you work with tapping, in the right areas, you will find that it can remove negative energy, lift spirit, and help create positive mood enhancement. Done over time, some even say that it could cure depression and anxiety for good. There’s an affirmation element that comes with this as well, allowing the body to enjoy a bit of energy when needed most.
Using the fingertips and positioning themselves in the right manner, one can trigger nerve responses. Imagine getting a headache, and tapping your fingertips on an area of your body, and relieving the tension. This may sound insane, but it’s actually a scientific approach to healing. It’s the reason why massage therapy, aroma therapy, and others are so important to alternative medicine.

How To Tap and Where To Tap

In order to start learning how to tap effectively, you need to know how to do this. To start, you need to isolate two finger tips that you want to use. Use two finger tips and pads to literally tap yourself in specific areas. You can tap up to 7 times, and allow for a kinesthetic response to form. You can practice by tapping on the table, with two fingers. Tap this 7 times, in specific areas and you’ll start to feel relief.

The EFT Locations

Speaking in regards to tapping locations, consider the following locations to consider:
Center of The Head – the top of your head, at the center point of the skull is a primary location.
Above The Eyebrows – right above the eyebrow at one point over the nose, right when it begins.
The Side of The Eyes – along the orbital bone on the outside of your head, is another area to focus on.
Below The Eye – Below the eye right at the bone (above the cheek)
Underneath the Nostrils – underneath your nose, between your lips and the nostrils.
Above the Point of the Chin – right above the lower chin, below the lips in a center point.
The Clavicle – utilize the clavicles, where the collarbone hits the ribs.
Underneath The Arms – under the arms along the side is where men should pin point, and at the center point of where the bra meets along the side for women.
The Wrists – the inside of the wrists are points as well.
In order to effectively utilize tapping locations, you will need to include some mantras that can assist with helping raise mood and anxiety levels. This includes sentences of acceptance, such as “I know I’m fearful, but I have control, I give myself control”, and continue positivity while tapping in the aforementioned locations.

What Is EFT Tapping – Exploring The Solution

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What Is EFT Tapping – Exploring The Solution

Millions of people today are dealing with a variety of health issues. Some are manifestations that are physical, and others are mental. The physical elements can sometimes be healed with the help of a doctor’s diagnosis. But what about the mental side of things? Mental health is a serious issue that many people wrestle with. Some people wrestle with it throughout their lives. Now, there are some medications that can help, but that’s not a complete cure. In some cases, finding a new way to deal with these disorders and issues of the mind is important. That’s where options such as EFT tapping comes into place. Once you learn how this works and how to manage it, you’ll find that it’s an important aspect of overcoming anxiety, mood disorders, and much more, naturally.

Defining EFT Tapping

Simply put, EFT tapping is a removal of negative energy, through the stimulation of the body’s energy. The body itself has a lot of different energy elements. This goes beyond the simple defining line of adrenaline, and glandular elements. There’s a metaphysical element at play here, something that goes beyond the body’s biology. You may know about this in the form of Eastern religious principles, which are discussed in Chinese medicine. For instance, Tai Chi harnesses the body’s “chi” or energy, to create stimulation in the joints, the body, and more. Now, tapping is unique in that is doesn’t require a set of physical motions, like many others may find. Some people compare this to acupuncture. Tapping goes back centuries if you compare it to Chinese medicine, but remember, it is not the same. It’s similar. The revolutionary transmission in regards to healing with tapping dates back to 1980.

Working The System

Even though it’s simple to define things as mentioned above, it doesn’t really illustrate what you need to do to help with exploring the solution in real time. When you’re conducting the procedures related to tapping, you’re going to find that you’ll be focusing on elements that are troubling you, and then literally tap on the body’s reflexology conductors. The body has various stress points. These points are targeted in acupuncture and reflexology. Once you know the median points, once can tap fingertips on the meridian points up to 7 times across 12 points. This aligns the body, mind, and initiates a certain flow of energy. To explain this easily, think of acupuncture, only without needles, as this is similar in theme.

Tapping For Anxiety

Tapping can be utilized for a great deal of things included be happy. One of the common options is anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. If you’re to go forward with tapping, you can utilize the tapping sequence that involves identifying the problem, and then speak out loud mantras and assertive language that is in a positive manner. Things like, “I know I’m anxious, but I am ok, I am loved, I am bigger than this.”, which can help move anxiety levels away from the body. From that point, performing fingertip “taps” on very specific areas including the top of the head, eyebrow, side of the eye, under the nose, chin, collarbone, and underarm are needed. Done right, this lifts the spirit, and changes the anxiety levels that plague the mind.


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The pursuit of happiness is one of the main goals in our lives, whether we realize it or not, and this activity can take many forms and last even for a lifetime. However, there are some people who are actively involved in the chase for a better and more fulfilled life and they usually start this process by looking at themselves and making themselves the best they can be.

This idea or method is called self-development or self-improvement,

and it comes in many shapes and sizes, since this “umbrella term” has a lot of smaller areas which belong to this principle. In the most basic sense, self-improvement is the process of developing your abilities and conditions by continuously putting a certain amount of effort into making those abilities better. Perpetual growth is basically an underlying idea of this “movement”, and people have various motives when embarking on a trip of self-improvement.

The main reason behind this process of self-development is to learn how to be happy alone and to maintain that feeling for as long as possible. However, happiness is also pretty vague and rather wide notion, and different people have different conceptions of what happiness actually is. Everybody describes it in their own way, and personal preferences and characteristics are the main designers of your criteria.

Since there is no universal tutorial which can teach people how to be happy, they are forced to figure it out one by one, and each one puts a personal stamp on his way of reaching that goal.

Since gurus and behavioral experts concluded that constant development and involvement in the process of making our qualities better is a good thing, people all over the world embraced this idea and they are using multiple ways of reaching their objectives. Some people are focused on a mental aspect of things, while others put more stress on their physical condition. Each group has their reasons, which are perfectly legitimate in most cases, and those experts which we mentioned already all agree that the key to happiness and satisfaction is the desire for constant progress, and that stagnation kills our strong assets and slowly drains our life force.

Mixed race woman practicing yoga in park

This means that people can set their goals on improving their mental abilities, such as being more productive, more organized, more confident, etc., and they invest in their education or the overall correction of their social status. Any results in this area will affect the rest of their personality, and it is therefore very important to not get frustrated if the results are not visible right away. Everything takes time, and the same applies to improvement which can be focused on our physical aspects, such as having a fitter body or being more healthy.

These goals are closely connected, and often intertwined, and people who want to improve their qualities in these areas have to be dedicated and have strong desire to “complete the mission”. Results may not be clearly visible in a day or two, but the long run is what matters when it comes to happiness, and this is where the true benefit of self-improvement lies in.


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